Type 1 vs Type 27 Cut Off Wheel

Type 1 vs Type 27 Cut Off Wheel: Which One is Better?

The many types of grinding wheels can confuse anyone. So, have you ever got confused with type 1 and type 27 cut-off wheels? It’s very natural,

But, who will win the battle between type 1 vs type 27 cut off wheel?

The type 1 wheel is meant to cut through materials. While type 27 is meant to grind things off. That is why the type 27 blade is thicker than type 1. Also, the angle at which you hold the wheel is different. You use the type 1 wheel at a 90-degree angle. Whereas 27 wheels require much lower angle. 

But wait, there is more to it! Below we have given a full description of both of the wheels. So you will be able to make that purchase decision easier. 

Type 1 VS Type 27 Cut Off Wheel: Short Comparison

In the world of power tools there are a lot of parts and components. And each of them is meant to do particular jobs. It’s better not to use different tools for different jobs. 

There are a lot of grinder wheel types out there in the market. Basically, there are 6 types of grinding wheels. But most people know about the type 1 and 27. The other types are 28, 29, 41, and 42. You can also check ​​type 1 vs type 41 cut off wheel. 

Source: hilti.ca

Below we have given a short comparison between type 1 and type 27. Here both of the wheels are put against the same factors they hold. So this is a fair fight between the two. 

FactorsType 1 Cut Off WheelType 27 Cut Off Wheel
Purpose To Cut ThroughTo Grind Off
Quality Not so Durable Durable 
ThicknessesThin Thicker 
Usage Angle90 Degree45 Degree or lower
Guard Type Full CoverHalf Cover 

These were all the differences between the blades. Both are meant to do different types of jobs. But this is not the end. Below we have given a description of each factor both of the wheels hold. The type 27 vs type 28 grinding wheels have more similarities. 

By reading this, you will learn about the wheels and get to a purchase decision. So let’s get started!

Type 1 VS Type 27 Cut-Off Wheel: Extended Comparison

Now that you are here, let’s get on with the description. Below you will find different sections about each of the factors. Where we have given details about both of the wheels. 

So why don’t you jump below and learn about the wheels!


The wheels are made to do different types of jobs. The type 1 wheel is meant to cut through materials. Such as plastic and metal sheets. You can also cut through wood if you want to. Also, ceramic tiles are okay to cut through. 

On the other hand, type 27 wheels are meant to grind things. You can use the wheel on metal and plastic sheets. Also, grinding or sanding wood can be done as well. Rubbing paint from surfaces can be an option. 

Both of the wheels are meant to do different types of jobs. You can try to grind off with a type 1 wheel. But the grinding job will be a mess. Since type 1 wheels are thinner than 27 wheels. There are also type 27 diamond blades. 

But cutting with a type 27 wheel is not on the table. Since type 27 wheels are really thick. You can grind off on things and reduce the thickness though. The type 1 wheel attaches to the type 1 angle grinder flange. 

But if you want to pick a winner, it will be a type 1 wheel. Since it can do both jobs, sort of. 

Dewalt DW8062 Type 1 Cut-Off Wheel

  • DeWALT DW8062 Cutting Wheel 4-1/2 in Dia 0.045 in Thick 7/8 in Arbor
  • Burr-free cuts and a proprietary material mix for extended wheel life
  • Aluminum oxide grain delivers aggressive cutting action
  • 2 full sheets of fiberglass offer durability and safety


The quality of the wheels depends on the manufacturer. But it’s hard to put both of the wheels against quality. On the basis of how long the wheel will last, type 27 will last longer. Since the wheel is much thicker, it’s hard to rub off the full wheel. 

On the other hand, the type 1 wheels are really thin. Since type 1 wheels are meant to cut through materials, it’s thinner than type 27. But that is also the reason why the type 1 wheel lasts shorter periods of time. 

Source: made-in-china.com

If you have to pick a winner, it has to be the type 27 wheel. Since it lasts a much longer time. People often question the quality of  Dewalt hand tools. They are pretty good actually. 


In the battle of thickness, the type 27 wheel is the clear winner. The type 27 wheel is meant to grind. So to grind, the wheel has many groves and the surface is really rough. So the blade is thicker so it can rub things off. 

On the other hand, we have type 1. Since this type of wheel is meant to cut things off, it’s really thin. But that doesn’t mean the wheel is worse than type 27. 

But in the battle of thickness, type 27 is the winner. 

United Abrasives-SAIT 22047 A60S Cut-Off Wheel Type 27

  • RECOMMENDED USE: For use on ferrous and/or non-ferrous metals (iron, steel, welds, etc.) for a quick and safe cut
  • FEATURES: Fast cutting and a hard bond for extremely long life. Type27/42 depressed center shape for enhanced operator visibility. Also availiable with our 5/8-11 quick change hub for ease of mounting . Proudly Made in the USA
  • COMPATIBILITY: Right-angle grinders; 10,200 max RPM
  • SPECIFICATIONS: 6 inch diameter, 7/8 inch arbor, 0.045-inch thickness
  • MATERIALS: Special aluminum oxide grain; internal fiberglass reinforcement providing ultimate safety in a thin wheel

Usage Angle

Both grinder wheels are meant to be used at a specific angle. If you want to cut things off, you need to use the type 1 wheel. That is why you need to use the blade at a 90-degree angle. 

On the other hand, the type 27 wheel is made to be used at an angle. Since the wheel is meant to grind things. That is why you use the wheel at a 45-degree angle or lower. It can be dangerous to use the type 27 wheel at a 90-degree angle.

Proper Mounting of Abrasive Products on Type 27 Grinders and Type 1 Cut-Off Wheel Tools

There are no winners here since both wheels have reasons to be used at a certain angle.

Guard Type

Using the guard is really important when it comes to grinding wheels. The guard keeps you safe from all the spark the wheel makes while using. But there are different types of guards for both of the wheels. 

The type 1 grinding wheel guard covers the wheel completely so that no spark can hit you. On the other hand, the type 27 grinder guard has one side off, so that you can grind off. You cannot use the type 1 guard angle grinder on type 27.

Otherwise, you cannot use the wheel to grind. But you can use the type 27 wheel on type 1. It will be no protector though. If you use the wheels like planers blades, they will last as they do. People often ask about the longevity of planer blade. They actually last for years if properly maintained.

Source: supplyhog.com

If you are thinking about buying a guard for your grinding wheel, check the links below. Both of the guards are really durable. 

Use these guards to protect yourself from the harmful sparks of the grinder. 

On the basis of that, we can say the type 27 wheel guard is the winner. Because of compatibility. 

That is everything about both of the wheels. 


What is Type 28 Wheel Meant for?

The wheel is meant to be used at a 10 to 15-degree angle. You can grind things with this wheel. The type 28 wheel looks hat-shaped. It can be an alternative to the type 27 wheel. 

Can I use Grinding Wheel to Cut Hardened Steel?

No, you cannot cut through-hardened steel with a simple grinder. Large machines and lasers can get you a clean cut of hardened steel. Using a normal grinder wheel can damage the wheels and machine. 

Which Grinding Wheel to Use to Cut aluminum?

Raisin fiber discs are made to cut through aluminum. You can also use type 27 wheels to bevel down on aluminum. Wheels which have grain blends will also function fine as well. 


That is everything you need to know about, type 1 vs type 27 cut off wheel.

Always wear safety wear while using power tools. Such as gloves and goggles 

Good luck with your project!

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