Miter Saw Brake Not Working

Is Your Miter Saw Brake Not Working? 5 Easy Solutions!

So, your miter saw brake seems to have lost its effectiveness. It doesn’t seem to slow down the sawblade anymore. Or maybe it keeps squealing loudly near the edge.

So, you’re wondering why is it that your miter saw brake not working?

Well, the reason behind miter saw brake not working may be a faulty switch or a blown-out fuse. A loose arbor screw or a build-up of carbon can cause this as well. However, there are several fixes. Firstly, try running it non-stop for about 5-10 minutes. If it doesn’t work, consider installing new motor brushes.

Still confused? Well, don’t worry! Because in this article, we have provided the reasons behind the miter break not working. And provided several possible solutions for you, as well!

Keep reading to find out!

Reasons Why Miter Saw Brake Not Working

There can be several reasons working behind why your miter saw brake is not working. Not necessarily all the given possible reasons will be present in your miter saw brake.


However, it’s most likely that you will definitely find yourself relating to at least one of them. That is causing the faulty brake. Here are some of them:

  • The issue is possibly in the resistor pack or the switch.
  • Brushes are maybe sticking or they are not sealed.
  • The brake is possibly overheated. It is due to using the wrong blade or may a rapid on and off cycling
  • Maybe the saw has an arbor screw loose. 
  • It may be due to the failed contact with the switch.

Now that we know the reasons, let’s move on to the solutions!

5 Easy Solutions to Miter Saw Brake Not Working

You’ve already gone through the reasons why your miter saw brake might not be working. Figure out exactly which one matches your saw’s issue. 

Here we’ve provided a detailed snapshot of the possible solutions you can follow. Knowing these different ways of miter saw troubleshooting for brake issues can come really handy.

Just go over them carefully and apply them to see which one solves your problem!

Solution 1: Give It a Moment

If your miter saw is making a delay of 2-4 seconds, it’s normal. It is considered a typical delay a saw may do. And when working with a miter saw you have to get used to it too.

However, if the brake is still not functioning after waiting 3 to 4 seconds. Now may be the time of concern.

Be aware that it may require a few braking cycles. Only then the bushes will corroborate the round simulator girder.

Also, you will be needing to check on that. Just to make sure that the brakes aren’t resulting in the problem. That is because of the new bushes being inducted on them.

Solution 2: Run It for Some Time

You can attempt running the miter saw for some time. As in doing it non-stop for about 5-10 minutes. The issue is most probably the buildup of carbon in the armature. 

It may be because of the brief running time of the miter saw. That is followed by a power alteration to apply the brake. This is what spurs carbon residues on the armature. 

By running your saw for some time, it will be able to wear off all the deposits. If the carbon still persists then you can use carbon residue cleaners to get rid of the residue. 

Here are some our tried and tested carbon residue cleaners: 

Nevertheless, If it does not work, the problem is in the brake circuit. Perhaps, the field has shorted any brake circuit out. If the saw you’re using is a few years old. 

Plus, if it weighs about 70 lbs, then you can use Delta parts to cure this issue. The interchangeable electric components in them will solve them all. 

And it will always get the electric brakes working again. It works especially if you find your rigid miter saw guard not working.

Solution 3: Inspect the Wiring

The brakes on miter saws are usually the electric brakes. They revere the wave of electricity that is running to the motor. 

Do you notice the brakes not functioning exactly as they should? Then you need to realize that there may be some issue with the wiring. And you need to fix that somehow. 

This is why you need to make sure that you are examining everything with good care.  Do not only scan the wires that you installed.


Also, scan and check all the connections to make sure that all of them pertain optimally. This way you won’t have to encounter this issue again. This problem mainly arises with the bosch miter saw brake not working.

Solution 4: Replace the Fuse

The following thing that you need to consider trying out is to watch out for any blown fuse. Carefully examine the fuse that is connected to the breaking relay. 

Check if it has been blown for some reason. Because this is one of the issues that lead to difficulties in saw brakes.  

However, if you find any blown-out ones or ones with related problems, replace them. This is especially the case when your Hitachi miter saw not working.

Here are some cheap options for miter saw fuses: 

You will have to ascertain that they are getting replaced with the exact similar kind of fuse. By doing this, you should be able to solve the brake problem in your miter saw. 

Solution 5: Get it Checked

Finally, did any of these troubleshooting tricks work out for you? If not then need to get the miter saw checked accurately and if need calibrate.

As the brakes of the device are not something that can be simply compromised upon.  Also, you should confirm that you are getting your miter saw tested in an authorized warranty center. 


It will ensure the best fit for the saw. Also, you are less likely to encounter such problems with brakes afterward.  


How to make the miter saw brake work again?

To make the miter saw work again, you need to check the brake first. Look for any blown-out fuse. For instance, replacing the brushes and the trigger switch. Also, consider replacing the field. It’s the field around the armature that we’re indicating.

How to repair brake damage caused by carbon buildup?

To repair brake damage caused by carbon buildup, check on which part the buildup exactly occurred. The carbon from brushes can amass on the commutator. It may decrease the brake effect. You need to lower your head. Then allow the miter saw to operate for a minute or two. And you’re done.

How to repair brakes controlled by the centrifugal switch?

To repair any brake that’s controlled by the centrifugal switch, free up the clogging dust. Ammunition of compressed air can normally free it up. As 99% of functions create a mechanism that plugs up dust. If anything goes astray, your first action should be reaching for a blowgun. 

Wrapping Up

Hope we have cleared your question of why miter saw brake not working? Always try to determine the exact issue first. Only after that, attempt to solve the issue. 

However, even after trying out everything, if none of the methods is working then get it checked by a professional to get the best outcome.

That is all for now. Have a good day!

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