Die Grinder vs Drill

Die Grinder vs Drill: Which One is the Better Deal?

Everyone needs a handyman’s kit at home. You cannot call the carpenter every time for simple jobs. Furthermore, it is very natural to get confused while searching for the best tool. 

So, which one is better between a die grinder vs drill

A die grinder is lower in cost, lightweight, and smaller. On the other hand, drill presses are relatively higher in price, heavier and bigger in size. However, a die grinder can do a variety of work. Like sanding, polishing, and cutting. And the drill press has very limited usage. 

Nevertheless, we have only provided you with a brief answer. And we know it is not enough for you to understand which one is better.

So, to know more, stick with us through the rest of it-

Die Grinder Vs Drill:  A Quick Comparison

Here, we have provided you with the differentiating factors between die grinder and a drill. Furthermore, an overall comparison is given below:

Factors Die GrinderDrill 
Size Smaller Bigger 
Portability Easy to carry. Difficult to carry.
Maintenance  Low maintenance. Low maintenance.
Flexibility Fair Good 
WeightLightweight. Heavier 
Speed Better speed Less speed 
Availability Can be found in every store.Can get in every store. 
Cost Less costly More costly 

So, these are the differentiating factors between a die grinder and a drill. Now, to know more elaborately, let’s get to our next segment. 

Die Grinder vs Drill: Detailed Comparison 

Well, both tools have some differences that need to be discussed for your better understanding. So, the differences are given below. 

Size And Portability

A die grinder is a tiny tool. It is very small in size. Which makes it very easy to carry around anywhere. You can take it with you in your regular bags. 

Source: protoolreviews.com

However, a drill press is comparatively bigger in size than a die grinder. Which makes it quite difficult to carry around. You have to carry a significantly bigger bag or case to take with you. 


In this case, both tools are low maintenance.There’s nothing much you need to do when it comes to cleaning and oiling drill presses. You just have to oil both tools regularly while or before using. 

But while lubricating the drill press, you have to make sure of a few things. Such as lubricating the drill before drilling metal. And, keeping the working surface clean of scabs or tools. 

Lubing both the Die grinder and grills are important to keep them in top shape. So we decided to suggest some of our top drill press lubes to help you! Check them out:

Increase the longevity of your drill press with these cutting fluids.

Flexibility And Weight

Well, in this case, both tools are flexible. However, the size of the drill press helps in gaining accuracy and flexibility. 

You can hold a drill press with both hands to balance and cut a hole accurately with flexibility. But to drill accurately in metal, basic steps need to be followed. This is why a drill press is more flexible than a die grinder. 


Die grinder is designed mainly to work with metal. But it can also work with plastic and metal. Here are some uses of die grinder:

  • To rework dies. 
  • For polishing metal. 
  • To smooth out surfaces. 
  • To remove rust. 
  • For sharpening blades. 

Using a die grinder is pretty easy. Die grinders can be used to cut average-sized materials. To cut more extensive materials, you can always use an angle grinder. But there are also differences between type 27 or type 1 cut-off wheels. So choose wisely.

In the case of a drilling machine; it cuts holes. A drill can cut holes into or through wood, metal, and other materials. It is widely used to cut holes in walls at home for various purposes. 

Now you know what is a die grinder and drill with their use. So, here comes the question. 

Speed and Availability 

The die grinder has a very good speed. This is why it takes less time to do the work. Furthermore, it can do a variety of work. Such as sanding, polishing metal, wood carving, and finishing non-metal surfaces. 

The die grinder is available in every shop and also online. 

On the other hand, a drill press has less speed than a die grinder. It is also limited to very few of its uses. This is why you cannot do a variety of work with a drill press. It is also widely available. 

Source: housegrail.com


A die grinder is less costly than a drill press in terms of cost. It is affordable to almost everyone. 

On the other hand, a drill press is costlier than a die grinder. The cost varies from model to model. 

So, these are the detailed differences between a die grinder and a drill press. Here, we can see that both tools differ in cost, portability, size, and speed. 

Which One Should You Pick

Well, you can go for a drill press if you have very specific needs. And, if money is not an issue, the drill press is the one for you. 

However, if you want a cheaper tool that can do versatile jobs, go for a die grinder. You can carry it around and it can also replace sandpaper for sanding. 

So, you can go for a die grinder for different jobs. 

Can Die Grinder Be Used As a Drill? 

Well, a die grinder may be used as a drill. However, it would not be effective because a die grinder has more speed than a drill. 

Source: toolforce.ie

Also, it is used for sanding, polishing, and cutting. And, die grinder bits on the drill can also not work.

For cutting irregular shapes in metals, a bandsaw is the perfect tool for you. But you also cannot use a bandsaw as a drill. We looked into it while comparing a drill press with a bandsaw

Now, let’s get back to our comparison between a die grinder and vs drill press. 

So, which one is the better deal? Let’s take a look at the quick comparison. 


Can a Die Grinder Cut Through Metal? 

Die grinder can cut through small pieces of metal instead of the big ones. It is commonly used on metal to polish or smooth welded joints. However, a die grinder can also cut through small woods and plastic. Afterward, you have to smooth out edges by switching your bit for polishing or sanding one.

Why Can’t You Use a Cutting Wheel to Grind With?

Cutting wheels cannot be used because they are thin and narrow by design. Also, it does not have the strength needed to grind. The fiberglass reinforcing adds strength to the wheel. The fiberglass may be damaged if you use the side of the wheel. This weakens the wheel and puts it at risk of breaking.

What are the Differences Between a Grinder And an Angle Grinder?

The major difference between the two is that a disc grinder is a heavy-duty equipment. On the other hand, an angle grinder is a hand-held and portable tool. Also, a disc grinder is typically used for precision work on smaller workpieces. Whereas, an angle grinder is used for rough cutting. 

Wrapping Things Up 

Finally, we have come to an end of the discussion. We hope now you understand the comparison of die grinder vs drill. It differs in terms of cost, size, and working space. 

So, now you can go for your preferred tool with full knowledge. 

All the best!

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