Dewalt String Trimmer Problems

Dewalt String Trimmer Problems [3 Major Problems & Solutions]

Dewalt string trimmers are popular amongst people who own lawns. However, they could encounter various problems while lawning. We understand if you are struggling with something like that. 

So how do we solve the Dewalt string trimmer problems?

Your Dewalt string trimmer could encounter several problems. Like, your trimmer might not start, or simply start and then stall. The head might face spinning issues. Or the string line may be unable to feed. However, there are solutions. Like repairing the spark plug, the head, the carburetor, etc.

This is a surface-level idea of the probable problems and fixes of a Dewalt trimmer. We have explained all this in detail down below. Read along!

3 Major Dewalt String Trimmer Problems: Reasons & Solutions! 

Dewalt hand tools are very popular, especially their string trimmers. But like every other motor device, Dewalt string trimmers are prone to a variety of problems. 

Sometimes, it is the Dewalt string trimmer attachments, sometimes it’s the Dewalt string trimmer overheating. Even though there could be various problems, we are focusing on the common ones here. 

Problem 1: Trimmer Won’t Start

Dewalt string trimmer not starting is a very common issue faced by many. Sometimes it starts but ends up stalled or maybe vibrant vehemently. But there’s nothing to worry about. 

Below are the possible issues alongside their solutions!

Solution: How to FIx The Trimmer Ignition Problems [3 Steps]

There could be 3 major reasons why your Dewalt grass trimmer is not starting. Let’s go through them alongside the troubleshooting of those issues.

Step 1 out of 3: Inspect the Spark Plug

Due to carbon buildup or a weakened electrode, the spark plug may degrade over time. It could prevent the trimmer from starting. 

Look for symptoms of any decay or damage on the spark plug. You should get a new spark plug if there is a fractured porcelain insulator. 

Follow that exact procedure if an electrode is burned away or damaged. If there is considerable carbon buildup on the electrode, replace it immediately. 

You can get a  spark plug tester to identify if a spark plug is faulty. With the engine on, there should be a bright spark between the tester’s terminals. If there are zero sparks, it means that the spark plug is faulty. You must replace it.

Let’s have a look at some quality spark plug testers that we’ve assorted for you:

Hopefully, you’ll find these helpful!

Step 2 out of 3: Check The Carburetor 

There is a possibility that the carburetor is clogged. 

It can be caused by keeping gasoline inside for an extended period of time. Some of the components in the gasoline may evaporate over time. But it leaves a thick and sticky residue. 

This sticky material can block the carburetor and impede the engine’s ignition or cause unnatural vibration. 

If the carburetor is obstructed, you can use a carburetor cleaner to clean it. Sometimes, repairing it doesn’t do the trick. In that case, it’s better to rebuild or replace it altogether.

Step 3 out of 3: Check The Recoil Starter

To start the engine, the recoil starting mechanism contacts the crankshaft. The engine will not start if the recoil starter assembly is faulty.

Disconnect the starter assembly and examine it to ensure that it’s in good operating order. When you pull the starter rope, it’d clasp the engine’s hub, forcing it to revolve. As you let go of the rope, it should retract and rewind onto the pulley. 

Replace the recoil starter assembly if it is not operating correctly.

The aforementioned reasons could cause your Dewalt trimmer to not start. Hopefully, the solutions will do the trick for you!

Problem 2: Trimmer Head Issues

Sometimes the Dewalt string trimmer head spins unceasingly or doesn’t spin at all. It’s one of the most common Dewalt string trimmer issues. Below are the reasons why this could happen and how we can solve it! 

Solution: How to Fix The Trimmer Head Issues [4 Steps]

There are 4 reasons behind this problem. Let’s have a deeper look at these reasons and the steps to fix them. 

Step 1 out of 4: Check the Clutch

The clutch links to several drive shafts that are connected to the trimmer head. Problems could arise as the clutch assembly gets overused. It will be unable to grasp the drive shafts and spin the trimmer head. 

It can also cause the trimmer head to spin unceasingly. So, it needs to be fixed immediately.

It’s possible that you’ll be able to clean and repair the clutch assembly yourself. But, replacing the clutch is generally simple and affordable. Hence, replacing the clutch assembly is recommended.

Step 2 out of 4: Check The Drive Shaft

The drive shaft is basically a protracted, adjustable shaft that attaches the clutch to the trimmer head. The trimmer head is engaged by the drive shaft. 

The string trimmer head will not spin with a damaged drive shaft. The drive shaft cannot be mended. Hence, it calls for a Dewalt trimmer head upgrade.

Step 3 out of 4: Check The Threads in Trimmer Head

The threads that connect the drive shaft to the trimmer head can tear down sometimes.

Thoroughly check The trimmer head if the threads on the shaft are stripped. If it is, the shaft can’t hold on to the trimmer head. This is a common cause of trimmer head issues.  

If this occurs, both the trimmer head and the drive shaft must be replaced.

Step 4 out of 4: Check The Throttle Cable

The throttle cable connects the throttle trigger and the carburetor. When you pull the cable, the carburetor’s throttle opens. It causes the engine to propel. 

Excessive or careless use could cause it to snap. If the throttle cable snaps, the engine will not ignite. And consequently, can make your Dewalt string trimmer shut

We recommend you replace the throttle cable if it is torn. 

These are the most common reasons that can make your Dewalt trimmer head stuck. We hope that your Dewalt trimmer head won’t have problems with rotating anymore!

Problem 3: String Trimmer String Line Feeding Issues

Basically, a feed system is a process that enables the string to be released. It’s released into the head and enables you to cut the grass in your yard. 

Because the string is constructed of a plastic substance, it will wear down over time. This may cause your Dewalt trimmer to face feeding issues. 

Let’s look into all the reasons and get a step-by-step guideline to repair them. 

Solution: How to Fix String Trimmer String Line Feeding Issues? [3 Steps]

There are a few steps to follow when you face feeding issues. Let’s have a look!

Step 1 out of 3: Check The Trimmer Head

A damaged trimmer head could be a major reason for feeding issues. 

First, try removing the trimmer head and cleaning it thoroughly. It’s possible that the trimmer head is worn out. We recommend that you replace it.

Step 2 out of 3: Check The Trimmer String

Sometimes during maintenance, people mistakenly put the wrong sized string. The string could be overly thick or too thin.   

The Trimmer line will not feed if it is the wrong sized trimmer string for the trimmer head. Check that you’re using the right trimmer line for your string trimmer.

If you are using the wrong size, get the right one.

Step 3 out of 3: Check The Trimmer Housing

It’s possible that the trimmer housing is fractured, corroded, or cracked. You should examine the trimmer housing for any abnormalities. 

If there is any breakage, the feeding process will be hindered. Replace the trimmer head if the trimmer housing is damaged anyhow.

People even struggle with things like the lights on a Dewalt drill. But, we hope that this guideline will help you with your Dewalt string trimmer troubleshooting


How much is the longevity of a DeWalt string trimmer?

It has a 5.0 Ah battery integrated. It is a pretty good fit for this trimmer. If you put it on low, it should last about an hour on average. Whereas, if on high settings, the longevity is limited to about 30-40 mins. It may vary according to usage. 

Which one is the best in DeWalt trimmers?

The most popular one is the DeWalt Flexvolt 60-Volt MAX 15-Inch String Trimmer. It offers a bit more power and versatility due to its build and specs. But, DeWalt offers a variety of weed whackers that caters to every lawning need. Picking one is actually pretty tough.

Where are DeWalt trimmers manufactured?

There was a time when China manufactured all of Dewalt’s power tools and equipment. They sold these products mostly in the American market. But in 2013, an announcement was made that they were bringing the assembly back to America. It was for some of their products which included the string trimmers.

Final Words

You’ve reached the end of this article. Hopefully, we have made it easier for you to tackle the Dewalt string trimmer problems!

We strongly recommend that you follow the instructions precisely. Additionally, make sure to put on gloves and goggles while repairing.

Get on with your troubleshooting!

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