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Best Shop Fox Tool Reviews – Make Woodworking Easy!

Woodstock International’s SHOP FOX machinery line was introduced in the early 1900s in the USA. It slowly grew into one of the leading brands of woodwork and metalwork equipment. 

They usually produce table saws, planers, jointers, metal and wood bandsaws, metal and wood lathes, shapers, and sanders. They also manufacture dust collectors, drill presses,  mills, and many forms of specialized gear for the business or DIY workshops. Here, we will give reviews of some of the Best Shop Fox tools you might use in day-to-today life.

SHOP FOX has acquired a reputation for great quality and offering woodworkers & metalworkers the greatest value. In fixed and benchtop equipment, they have thousands of machines in operation every day. 

When you possess SHOP FOX machinery or workshop equipment, you can be certain that it is accurate and dependable. nd that it will be a valuable tool in helping you complete many enjoyable jobs. Without further ado, let’s get into the product review.

Why You Should Pick Shop Fox Tools

Well, if you are a professional woodworker or metal worker, you already know about Shop Fox. Shop fox is the leading and one of the best manufacturers of woodworking and metalworking tools.

They have been dominating the market of woodworking tools for more than 25 years. They have a huge customer base and provide long-term after-sales services. So, I guess, it’s clear to you now why you should pick this.

Comparison Table for Mobile Base

Shop Fox D2057A Adjustable Mobile Base

Heavy Duty Movable Bases from Shop Fox is intended to provide a solid and mobile platform. It is used for mounting machinery and equipment of various base sizes and weights. 

The machine’s heavy-duty wheels are mounted on outriggers. That enables it to stand lower while yet being exceptionally stable. Two swivel casters on each corner allow for easy maneuvering.

Another advantageous fact is, the fixed caster side’s mounting design. It enables the wheels to be oriented in one of two orientations. The foundation may be put together in almost all eight different ways. That gives it a lot of versatility. 

Rare earth magnets are used in the two-piece retractable feet to enable the knob to revolve while the footpad is firmly attached to the floor. These mobile bases will outperform any other movable bases on the market. In terms of strength, adaptability, and mobility, this is the best one.

With outrigger-style supports, this unique transportable foundation is by far the most secure and stable on the market. Adjusts in size from 20×20 inches to 29 1/2 × 29 1/2 inches. 700-pound Capacity. It has a weight of 47 lbs.

Room for improvement

Though it is a stable mobile base, the caster design is not that good. In this case, Shop Fox D4666 could be a better option.

Shop Fox D4666 Extreme-Duty Mobile Base

Another mobile base from Shop Fox is here. This one is Shop Fox D 4666 Mobile Base was created with the goal of providing years of trouble-free service. A strict quality control program, meticulous attention to detail, and ruggedly made components assure safe and dependable operation.

On these Mobile bases,  no need to bend across to set up or remove the Mobile mechanism. To secure your equipment in place, just stand down just on the foot pedal to release the height-adjustable leveling feet. 

When the job is done, it’s time to transfer the equipment. Just flick up the lever with your toe and you’ll be Mobile on the control and maintain extreme-duty rollers in no time. For secure dual and double-contact stiffness, the adjustment bolts were also inserted all along the edge of both the adjustment bars.

Room for improvement

While this mobile base seems to be well-built and installed, it is quite difficult to move. The fixed casters don’t roll well enough. They should work on their casters. Shop Fox D2057A Adjustable Mobile Base is a better option.

Comparison Table for Dust Collector

SHOP FOX W1727 1 HP Dust Collector

This Shop Fox W 1727 dust collector keeps your workplace free of sawdust and improves air quality. Instead of having to install a full fixed dust collecting system and run ducts to each machine. This model W1727 is 1 HP Dust Collector designed to be relocated from one machine to another as required.

To prevent unauthorized usage, the W1727 has a safety feature with a detachable key. It has a bigger paddle and a replaceable lock-out key. This Paddle Switch is safer than other kinds of 110 volts on/off switches. There will be no more searching for the off button. To turn off the electricity, just slam the paddle down.

The bottom bag of the W1727 collects 2.1 cubic feet of dust. It stores it in a plastic shopping bag with a fast detach bag clip. Just unlatch the holding band clamp. Then detach the bottom bag from the dust collector. 

And then pour the dust & chips into a trash can to empty the bag. The top bag filters wood from the absorbed air down to 2.5 microns. Allowing it to fall as well as deposit in the bottom dust collecting bag.

Room for improvement

Many customers complained about this product because the bolts and nuts were missing from their packages. So Shop Fox has to be more careful about its packaging. SHOP FOX W1685 1.5-Horsepower is the better option.

SHOP FOX W1685 1.5-Horsepower Dust Collector

Shop Fox has created a fantastic dust catcher. This device has a 12-inch steel impeller. That is particularly heavy-duty as well as a 1-½ HP motor that works on 110V. Only for wood dust. Filtration down to 2.5 microns.

The Shop Fox W 1685 dust collector by Woodstock International keeps your workstation clear of dust and trash. This dust collector includes a 1-1/2 HP, motor that spins at 3,450 RPM. It has also a massive, 12-inch metal impeller that sweeps 1,280 cubic feet of airflow per minute. 

Making it ideal to be used with woodworking machines. The powder-coated finish of this machine resists chipping, scratches, fading, as well as other forms of damage.

The W1685 has a 6 ” inlet with dual 4-inch holes and a detachable Y-fitting. This Y-fitting is being used to branch lines to serve many machines. 

Making it ideal for individuals who want to set up a multi-machine set up quickly. Loosen the fitting to reveal a 6 ” inlet or cap off one of the 4-inch inlets if you don’t need two ports.

A safety switch is included in this dust collector to prevent illegal usage. It has a bigger paddle and detachable lockout key. The switch offers a higher level of safety than conventional switches. There will be no more searching for the off button. To turn off the electricity, just slam the paddle down.

Room for improvement

The dust collecting bag must be placed on the machine by two individuals.  It is the worst dust bag mounting mechanism ever.  They should pay heed to this. To get rid of this problem you can use Shop Fox W1826 Wall Dust Collector.

Shop Fox W1826 Wall Dust Collector

This dust collector is installed on the wall and captures dust immediately at the source, reducing the inefficiency of ductwork. It can handle almost any hungry woodworking equipment with its 537 CFM capacity. 

Since there is no intricate ductwork system, the static pressure drop is low. You’ll be up & running in no time thanks to a simple wall-mounted bracket & locking screw system!

Nothing surpasses the practicality of a wall-mounted Dust Collector. The effectiveness of pleated filters with internal paddle brushes with a wide surface area


When efficiency is reduced owing to dust cakes, just crank the handle a couple of times to rotate the paddle against the interior of the filter, dropping the dust cake into a plastic collecting bag. That’s all there is to it!

When it comes to dust collecting ducting, you have a lot of options. Although elastic hose is most popular for this kind of equipment. For short lengths, rubber gasket hose,  plastic flex-hose, polyethylene, and other flexible ribbing hose are often utilized.

Polyethylene, PVC, textile hose soaked in rubber, and sometimes even metals, including aluminum and steel, are used to create them. Choose one of the various varieties of flex-hose intended expressly for the flow of fine materials.  Such as wood dust, if you’re utilizing it.

Room for improvement

The intake port is designed in such a way that it continuously clogs. Whenever the bag fills up with dirt, the zip on the bottom of the bag is so tiny to reach inside. it weighs sawdust out by hand, creating a tremendous mess. SHOP FOX W1685 1.5-Horsepower could be a better alternative.

Comparison Table for Standard Rails and Fences

Shop Fox W2005 Classic Fence with Standard Rails

The SHOP FOX line of high-quality woodworking items now includes a classic, time-tested, and reliable design. This 42″ fence contains changeable side panels composed of HDPE plastics, and durable, abrasion-resistant materials that are more smooth than Teflon. 

For durability, the fence’s body is made of heavy-walled rectangular tubing.

This fine-lined cursor may be installed on either end of the fencing body, according to your desire, and the highly visible scale allows for quick, accurate, and repeatable adjustments.


A cam-action lever secures the fence in place, making one-handed fence adjustments a breeze. It is intended for 27″ wide tables and comes with very heavy-duty front & rear rails that can be placed on practically any size/brand of table or cabinet saw (some adjustment to your table saw or its components may be required to make it fit). 

For a long-lasting finish, fence rails are epoxy coated. For the greatest ease, the fence may be pulled off the rails at any point along its length. To offer a big worktable area, an extra expansion table size  44″ X 27″ also is available. 

A leg kit is included with the extension table, which includes 2 32″ high flexible legs for sturdy support of the saw & table assembly. This extension table is constructed completely of wood plywood with a long-lasting laminated finish.

Room for improvement

The packaging is just ridiculous. For such an item that weighs this much, Styrofoam is not the right container. The foam has completely decomposed. so, they should change their packaging for this product. Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence would be a better choice.

Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence with Standard Rails

This Aluma-Classic Fence is robust and accurate. Because of its extruded steel and aluminum structure and right-angle design. The cam-lever frontal locking mechanism with torsion box design. It enables this fence set to fit on almost any table saw without a rear locking mechanism. It allows for a highly accurate setup.

For fast placement, conventional rails, a self-adhesive tape measurer, and an adjustable magnifying cursor are included. For broad panel cutting up to 50 inches, use the Aluma-Classic Fencing with long rails (W1720).

The self-adhesive tape measure and adjustable magnifying cursor. It is included in the kit to allow you to quickly and precisely place the fence. The self-stick measuring tape is high-visibility yellow with black numbers & graduations both in SAE. It also has metric scales, and it attaches straight to the fence.

The Aluma-Classic Fence is adjusted to the proper position. It has a heavy-duty locking mechanism that ensures no movement. The fence is locked in place by the cam lever action. The torsion box design prevents deflection when guiding wood.

Room for improvement

As advertised, it did not fit “most major brands.” So, Shop fox on their product and advertising. The compatibility for this product should increase. For better compatibility, you can choose Shop Fox W1720 Aluma-Classic Fence.

Shop Fox W1720 Aluma-Classic Fence with Long Rails

This W1720 Aluma-Classic Fence was made to provide years of trouble-free service. A strict quality control program, meticulous attention to detail, and ruggedly made components assure safe and dependable operation.

The Aluma-Classic Fence is adjusted to the proper position. It has a heavy-duty locking mechanism that ensures no movement. The fence is locked in place by the cam lever action. The torsion box design prevents deflection when guiding wood.

The W1720’s fence body is made of steel and aluminum for durability, sturdiness, and lightness. The self-stick measuring tape is high-visibility yellow with black numbers & graduations both in SAE. In metric scales, it attaches straight to the rail.

The self-adhesive tape measure and adjustable magnifying cursor are included in the kit. It allows you to quickly and precisely place the fence.

Room for improvement

This is an excellent product in and of itself, and it would have functioned better if the legs would have been a little longer. We wish the manufacturer had included all of the measurements for all of the pieces on this ignore this Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence would be a better option.

Factors you should consider while buying a Shop Fox product

As there are different products from Shop fox in our article. So the buying guide would be different for each. But there are some basic things you should consider.


You should know all the features before buying any products from Shop Fox. The shop usually provides more features on their product than their competitors. But still, check those features which you are looking for.


If you are looking for a good product, you must pay more. But still, the budget is also a concern. Shop fox has different products in different price ranges. Usually, all the products from Shop Fox are reasonably priced. 


For mobile bases and fences, durability is too important. If these products are not durable enough, your purchase will be a regret. So, before purchasing make sure, whether these products are durable enough or not. Shop Fox products are durable enough.


Before buying any product you have to make sure about that product’s performance. For this, you can check the product details. Then you can go through the product’s customer reviews and feedback. Shap Fox has a great demand among customers.

Shop Fox Mobile base VS Other Brands

Shop Fox Mobile Base has had a great reputation in this industry for a long time. They have some unique design which attracts the customer more. Apart from design, the mobile bases they made are highly durable and lightweight.

On the other hand, there are a lot of brands manufacturing mobile bases. But most of them are fails either in design or in durability. Shop Fox is dominating the market of mobile bases as a king!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Foxtools?

The brand fox is distributed by FEMI.

Is Shop Fox the same as Grizzly?

Basically, shop fox is a brand of Grizzly. Technically, that makes Shop Fox and Grizzly identical. 

Is Shop Fox made in China?

Shop Fox tools are mainly made in China and Taiwan. 

Final Thoughts

Well, Shop fox is one of the best brands for saw and woodworking tools. Here in this article, we reviewed some of the Best Shop Fox Tool Reviews. These products include mobile bases, dust collectors, and fences.

All of these products are well-demanded and the best in marketing. You can pick any of them without thinking twice. You won’t regret buying them. Have a good day.

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