Best Blade for Bandsaw Boxes

Best Blade for Bandsaw Boxes: Ensures Perfect Cutting

Cutting the bandsaw box perfectly is not an easy task at all. It includes a lot of technical issues. Moreover, choosing the right blade is even tougher. 

They come in a variety of tooth geometries, combination metals, and sizes. So there are quite a number of things involved here. 

But before jumping into all these detailed works, you need to choose the best blade for bandsaw boxes first. 

And if we become honest, this single task is enough to drain your energy. 

But worry not, buddy. We have got you covered. After our thorough research, we tried picking some of the best products available in the market. 

Also, we gave it a thought and even tried to add the most important aspects of this product that you must have an idea about. 

So stick with us till the end to get a proper idea about these blades.  

Comparison Table

DEWALT 32-7/8-Inch Band Saw Blade

So let’s start with our very first pick which is the “DEWALT 32-7/8-Inch Band Saw Blade”. Even though we don’t play favorites here, still this one is really one of the bests that we found in our detailed research. 

This is undoubtedly a good blade for bandsaw boxes. This silver-colored bandsaw blade has a total of 18 teeth. These types of finer blades are the perfect pick if you want to cut thin materials and plastic or similar objects. 

They can cut very exquisitely, hence the finishing touch looks top-notch. This is our best overall pick that has good durability and well as quite outstanding wear resistance. 

DEWALT products have this reputation for being well-made in quality. They are made under strict quality control the product is very promising at its service. It has 8% cobalt content which gives it extra strength to resist wear. 

Therefore, it can give a long lifespan and incredible service. The fatigue withstanding capability also deserves some appreciation. Being forged from good quality metal, this has a robust build. 

Moreover, the price is extremely reasonable and the installation is fairly easy. But the teeth will cause you trouble if you can’t pick them for the right purpose. The wonderful product quality won’t help you much if you pick this for the wrong purpose. 

So try to be careful about it. Otherwise, this is certainly a good product that has a balance of all the necessary features that you might be expecting from your bandsaw blade. 

Room For Improvement 

  • These blades get dull if you use them frequently. This can really be an issue. Our second product POWERTEC 13100 Band Saw Blade can be a good pick if getting dull easily is an issue for you. POWERTEC 13213 Band Saw Blade is also great when it comes to prolonged sharpness. 

POWERTEC 13100 Band Saw Blade

As our second product, we have the POWERTEC 13100 Band Saw Blade. To be honest, this product gave our first pick a very hard competition for the top position. This is almost just as great as the previous one. 

Very natural for you to wonder what did it lack that it stood second on our list. We would say the durability of the blade. Even though it has a long-lasting sharpness compared to the previous one but this one isn’t as wear-resistant as that. 

But apart from this minor difference, this bandsaw blade is another finest blade available in the market. Considering its overall performance, we can definitely crown it as our best performing product on the list. 

So what are its special features of it?

First comes its premium quality build. This product is undoubtedly one of the finely forged blades that we have listed here. With its nicely designed 14 teeth, it can cut at a high speed. 

Moreover, the metal is wear and heat resistant, which makes it perfect for cutting seamlessly. It can cut hard and softwoods, plastic, and plus non-ferrous metals. 

The optimal geometric design is the second nicest thing about this particular blade. First is obviously its straight and fine cutting. From durability to ease of installation, this product is good in every aspect. 

So, no doubt that it’s worth a try. You’ll get a promising performance from it. 

Room For Improvement

  • The durability is the only thing about this product that can be improved. Our first product is quite good in case of durability. 

DEWALT 44-7/8-Inch Portable Band Saw Blade

Next up we have one of the best wear-resistant bandsaw blades. The product name is DEWALT 44-7/8-Inch Portable Band Saw Blade. Another product from the renowned brand DEWALT is also made with the same usual quality that this brand promises. 

This product has the best price, no doubt about that. Total three blades come at such a cheap price that it is quite surprising. But its low durability causes it to lose popularity among users. 

But apart from this one con, this product is quite a gem. Firstly, it’s built very nicely with strict quality control that ensures good performance. The teeth design and geometry are also quite nice. 

It can cut through medium-hard steel so perfectly and nicely, that it’s a satisfying watch as well. Moreover, the heat, wear, and fatigue resistance makes this product unique and amazing. 

If we have to speak about its performance we would say decent. But overall this is a good product, no doubt about that. 

Room For Improvement

  • The durability of this product needs some massive improvement. Our first and second products are quite good compared to this one in regard to durability. 

POWERTEC 13213 Band Saw Blade

Moving on to our next product, another finest blade by the brand POWERTEC. The product name is POWERTEC 13213 Band Saw Blade. Arguably this is the best reliable product that we could find while peeking through the market.

 So, what’s the specialty of this blade?

Firstly, it’s built with great quality material. The carbon steel that these blades are forged from is amazing in quality. Moreover, the guaranteed weld makes it wear-resistant. Hence it can provide good durability as well. 

Design engineering is also top-notch. Added to that, the teeth placement, style, and geometry make it a wonderful blade for wood, plastic, and aluminum cutting.

It can seamlessly cut through non-ferrous metals at quite a high speed. These blades stay sharp for a long time and this is certainly one of the unique features of this product. 

The straight and shape cutting and good finishing add bonus points to this blade’s scoreboard. So overall we recommend this product for a good service. 

Room For Improvement

  • This product might not be compatible with some bandsaw models. Try to check out some versatile products like the BOSCH Wood Bandsaw Blade

Olson Saw Hook Saw Blade

We are very close to the end. Now we have the Olson Saw Hook Saw Blade. This is another good quality and reliable product that we have on our list. This product has the best design and craftsmanship

As we have already said, the design engineering of this product deserves a huge shoutout. The perfectly designed teeth as well as the incredible geometry makes it a great blade for bandsaw boxes. 

Moreover, they are relatively inexpensive. Price is a common constraint for everyone, so cheap products with good service are always preferred. On top of that, this product is easy to install as well. 

Sounds just perfect, right? For woodworking or cutting wood-based bandsaw boxes, this has to be in your toolbox. The extreme strength and robust build make it a top-notch pick. 

Besides, it cuts like a beast. So overall it ticks everything that you must have expected from your desired product. Therefore we suggest giving it a try and seeing its promising performance. 

Room For Improvement

  • The blade vibrates and oscillates a lot. So it loses track easily. POWERTEC 13213 Band Saw Blade provides a straight cutting. 

BOSCH Wood Bandsaw Blade

Last but not least, we have the BOSCH Wood Bandsaw Blade. This product is just a perfect show stopper, I mean list stopper. Even though this ranks last on our list, this is certainly one of the best products in the market. 

This alloy steel-made blade has a total of 15 teeth. They are good for wood and metal cutting. Especially cutting wood with an extraordinary finish is its specialty. 

It’s made from premium-grade steel. This certainly ensures a good product life. Moreover, it has a perfectly sharp edge that ensures fine, clean, and precise cutting. 

For us, this product has the best cutting ability. Its optimal teeth geometry ensures its amazing performance. Another thing about this product that we found incredible is its compatibility with most of the popular bandsaws. 

This is one of the reasons why this product is used so much. In our lens, this is also the best versatile product as well. So giving it a try wouldn’t be much of an unwise decision. 

Room For Improvement

  • They are very delicate and can break off quite easily. We expect the blades to be just as strong as our very first pick. 

What to Consider before Purchasing Bandsaw Box Blade 

At this point, we have got a primary idea about the best available products and know what are their unique features. But knowing about particular products is never enough when you’re planning to use a certain product. 

What you need is generic information and proper insights so that you can pick the right product for yourself. Hence we listed the important buying factors here that will lead you to your best suit-

Don’t Forget to Check the Size

Blade size matters a lot for a good bandsaw performance. Even though a lot of people don’t understand the importance, being careful in this regard is necessary. 

Don’t forget to measure the length and calculate properly to see if it’s compatible or not. There are some really easy calculations that will help you in this concern. 

Be Careful about the Blade Width & Thickness! 

After measuring the length, the next important thing that comes is the blade width and its thickness. There is a correlation between blade width and the minimum radius it will cut. 

On the flip side, you need to use the bandsaw’s maximum blade width if you’re doing re-sawing or cut-off sawing. But for contour sawing, narrow blades are the best pick. So choose your one accordingly. 

The thickness of the blade depends on the diameter of the wheels. Moreover, the workload that this blade will have to face also has some impact on the width. 

Generally, thick blades are capable of withstanding more cutting strain from straight cuts. But they can be really fragile when it comes to twisting actions. On the other hand, thinner blades are just perfect for light cutting works. 

How Many Teeth Are Enough? 

Planning to cut with a blade and some talk about teeth won’t come up that’s close to impossible. Teeth are really important, especially for the finishing and better cutting. 

Coarse tooth blades (2 or 3 TPI) are the best for re-sawing and cutting thicker materials. 4 TPI blades are perfect for fast cutting. A blade that ranges from 6 to TPI provides good general-purpose performance.

For slower and smoother cutting, just pick a blade with TPI 14. For thinner metals and plastics under 1/4″ use an even finer blade (18 – 32 TPI). So try to pick as per your use and need. 

Maintaining Bandsaw Box Blades: Brief Idea About It 

Maintaining a blade isn’t easy. It’s tough and quite a tricky job. Moreover, the bandsaw box blades are already very crucial to handle, so maintaining them is undoubtedly more complicated. 

Therefore, we thought about helping you in this regard so that you can take proper care of your blades. This will eventually help you to get a good service from your purchased blade. 

So let’s see what are the dos and don’ts for maintaining a good bandsaw blade life-

  • Proper Lubrication

It’s extremely important to lubricate the bandsaw blades. No matter what type of material you’re cutting, never forget to lubricate the blade for a better service. Lubricating the blade can increase its lifespan by over 30 percent.

There is a wide range of lubricants available in the market. Don’t forget to pick one of them that goes perfectly with your blade. Use the lubricant on both sides of the blade for a better and enhanced service. 

Also, never ever use water as a lubricant. Always remember that water isn’t a lubricating material. Rather using it might cause your blade to get rust at times. So be careful. 

  • De-tensioning the Blade after Using

As we know, the blade is made from metal. Hence it gets hot after cutting. Over time, they expand and can even tension as well. Therefore, we suggest de-tensioning the blade after use.

So don’t forget to release the blade tension after you’re done using it. It’ll help your blade’s overall performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size bandsaw blade I need?

The easiest way is to rest the bandsaw blade on a flat surface. Then you can mark the two ends of the blade. Now you can replace the blade and measure the distance between the two marked ends. The measured distance is your bandsaw blade size. 

Are all bandsaw blades the same length?

Obviously no. The length varies from machine to machine. Smaller machines need much thinner and narrow blades whereas bigger machines need the opposite. the size of the saw’s wheels generally determines thickness and width

How thick should a bandsaw box be?

The thickness of your bandsaw box must not be less than 2”. 3” is a moderate thickness that is used very commonly. Some people use even thicker pieces of wood as well. 

To Sum Up 

That’s all we have got for your today. Really hopes that it helps you to choose the best blade for bandsaw boxes

Making a perfectly shaped and properly finished bandsaw box is a tough job. But picking up the right blade can really come in help. This is quite literally the most important thing. 

So choose the blade carefully and have a good bandsaw box-making experience. We wish you all the best.

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