15 AMP vs 13 AMP Table Saw

15 AMP vs 13 AMP Table Saw – Which One Works Better?

There are a lot of different things you need to consider when it comes to saws. Different power, blades, and shapes are things to choose from. 

But the real confusion comes when you can’t decide between 2 saws with similar interests.

So, who will win the battle of 15 amp vs 13 amp table saw?

Generally, the higher the AMP rating, the higher the power which makes the 15 AMP table saw more powerful than the 13 AMP one. The 15 AMP table saw can cut thicker wood within less time. Whereas 13AMP table saw can cut only lighter woods. However, both the 15 and 13-amp table saws are sold at a similar price.

But wait! There is more to learn about table saws. Below we have given a full-blown comparison between two of the table saws.

So, jump right in!

Short Comparison

A table saw is a really important cutting tool. For all the craftsmen out there, the table saw is a necessity. Although, there are many different things to consider while picking one table saw. 

Many things table saws are only made for cutting wood. But you can cut many different things with a table saw. Such as plastic and metal sheets. Although, you must remember to use certain blades for each material. 

But the performance of each table saw is important as well. All types of table saw are run by a motor. And different types of motors have different levels of strength. 

The main difference between the saws is, how powerful they are. The 15 amp table saw is much more powerful. But there are larger differences in the capacity of the tool battery. Such as in 2ah vs 3ah, 2ah vs 5ah, 2ah vs 4ah, 2ah vs 6ah, etc. 

In the table below you will find a short comparison between both of the saws. We have put both of the table saws against each other so that you can get a quick analysis. 

Factors13 AMP Table Saw15 AMP Table Saw
Capability of Cutting2 x 4 Woods 4 x 4 Woods
Strength Faster Slower
Wood SizesSmall Pieces Big Pieces
Type of WoodLighter WoodsThicker Woods

As you can see there are a lot of differences. But there is not so much difference between 12 amp vs 13 amp. 

So this was a quick comparison between the table saws. But before you determine which one to pick, check out the sections below. 

We have given a full description of each factor. By reading this we will be sure which one will suit you perfectly. 

Extended Comparison

Now that you are here, let’s get started. Below we have listed all the factors of the table saws. We have also given some descriptions of each of the table saws. 

Source: jayscustomcreations.com

This way you will learn about the table saws and decide which one is the best for you. 

Capability of Cutting

Saws is meant to cut through materials. So, before you get a table saw it is better to learn if it can cut the things you want. Now you cannot just through anything at the table saw and expect things to work out. 

There are specific table saws for specific workloads. Also, different types of blades are required to cut different materials. If you cut too thick of wood, the machine can jam itself. 

If you are thinking to buy different types of blades, check the links below. Both sets of blades are really durable. 

Both of the sets of blades are really durable as well. 

The 13 AMP table saw can cut through 2-⅜ inches of wood. Whereas the 15 AMP table saw can cut through 3-½ inches of wood. So, you can see that, the high the AMP rating, the higher the cutting power.

Winner: The winner here is the 15 AMP table saw. 


If the table saw is stronger, it will cut through materials faster. More power will be able to spin the blades faster. So thicker wood will be able to pass through the blades. 

Also, if you put thick wood on a lower power machine, it can jam the blades. 

But a powerful table saw will be able to cut through wood like a hot knife on butter. So, as per the ratting, the 15 AMP table saw will be able to cut through wood faster. Whereas the 13 amp wood can take a bit longer time. 

In the battle of 13 amp vs 15 amp circular saw, the 15 amp wins. Naturally, there is more difference between, 12 amp vs 15 amp circular saw. 

Winner: The winner here is the 15 AMP table saw.

Wood Sizes 

The size of the wood matters when it comes to putting on a table saw. A powerful table saw will be able to cut larger pieces of wood. That means your project will finish faster. 

If your work requires you to cut smaller pieces of wood, you don’t need a big saw. The 12 amp is perfect for these types of cases. 

Source: dontwasteyourmoney.com

But if you need to cut large sizes of wood, you need the 15 amp table saw. You can cut all sizes of wood on the 15 amp table saw. 

That is why the 15 amp table saw is the winner of this round. 

Winner: The winner here is the 15 AMP table saw.

Type of Wood 

There is a lot of different types of wood. And not all wood has the same type of density. Different type of wood has different type of density. The density and the thickness of the wood matter a lot. If the wood is really thick, it will require more power to cut it. 

Where if the wood is holo, it’s easy to cut into small pieces. Also, it takes less time to cut these woods. For these types of scenarios, the 13 amp is more than enough. But if you cut heavy woods every day, the 15 amp is the one to go with. 

If you are asking, how many watts does a 15 amp saw use? The answer is 1440 watts. That is why never use 13 amps on 15 amp circuit. Always use, 15 amp saw on 15 amp circuit. 

So, the 15 amp is the winner again. 

Winner: The winner here is the 15 AMP table saw.


The price is where all the difference matters. Cause all of us to want to get the cheapest product which can do all the jobs. But highly capable table saws can cost you a bit more.

But luckily, the difference between 13 and 15 amp table saw prices are not that much. Usually, you can get a 13 or 15 amp table saw for under 400 dollars. 

But, there are a lot more differences between the 5hp and 3hp table saws. Both in price and performance. 

Source: ibzstore.com

So, it is a tie between 13 and 15 amp table saws. 

Winner: Tie

Final Verdict

It all comes down to this. Now that you have learned about all the differences let’s get to decide which one to pick. Here’s a table that gives an overall summary of the whole debate: 

ProductFeaturesWhere To Get
15 AMP Table SawIdeal for professional and heavy-duty wood cutting Get Now!
13 AMP Table SawBest for beginners and lighter wood cuttingGet Now!

There are different types of jobs with a table saw. If you’re a professional, the 15 amp table saw is for you. But if woodworking is a passion or hobby for you, it’s better to start with a 13 amp table saw. There you go, the answer of, is 13 amp table saw enough?

Well, if you are planning to do woodworking for a long time, then get the 15 amp table saw. The 15 amp table saw comes at a similar price. You can do your job faster and cut thicker woods with it. 


Do You need Different Types of Blades for Metal and Wood?

You do need different types of blades for different types of materials. Woodcutting blades are not as thick as the metal cutting ones. Also, wood cutting blades are sharper than metal cutting blades. 

How to Replace the Blade on Table Saw?

To replace the blade on the saw. firstly, lower the blade down to the table. On the side of the blade, you will find a nut. Unscrew the nut from both with a wrench. When the nut comes off, slide the blade off from the bolt. Be careful, the blade is really sharp. 

How Long Does a Table Saw Blade Last?

The blade of the table saw lasts depending on the usage. But usually, a table saw blade can last you up to 3 to 4 years. But if you use the saw on a daily basis, the blade will run out faster. 


That is everything you need to know about, the 15 amp vs 13 amp table saw.

Always be careful around blades. Table saws can be extremely dangerous. 

Good luck with your woodworking!

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